“I” before “E” except after… Wait. What?

I love grammar and spelling and whatnot because there are precise rules and expectations. Or are there?

10 Websites Looking for Freelance Writers Right Now

Whether you’re hunting down part-time work between classes, or searching for clients to add to your freelance portfolio, there are companies and websites out there looking for freelance writers right now. You just need to know where to look! Lucky for you, I’ve done some of that work for you.

Advice for Writing and Life #01, or What I’m Also Learning​

As an editor, I'm frequently asked questions about writing. In this series, I'll work on answering some of those questions. Sometimes questions don't come in the form of, well... questions. Sometimes the question lies in random conversations. So, here we go!

Microsoft Word: Track Changes (screenshot)

Here's a partial screenshot of how I leave notes and make changes on documents via Microsoft's built-in Track Changes option (under the Review tab in Word).

1984 Project Options

Someone was asking me to share the PPT I use for introducing 1984 Project Options to my students. Here you go! Project Options PowerPoint 1984 Project Options (student handout)

Responding versus Reacting in the Classroom and Life

To respond has a positive connotation where reacting is implicitly negative in our human psychology. It may seem to be a simple difference in semantics to the average person, but the difference in practice is rooted in results. We always have a choice, it’s a matter of recognizing that we alone have the power to respond or react accordingly.

Survivor: Rhetorical Appeals Edition (activity!)

Survivor Rhetorical Appeals Edition Directions: Follow each step in order!! You were on a cruise. Your ship sank and the people in your group were the survivors. You swim to land and realize there are no people other than the members of your group anywhere. Out in the ocean, you see three boxes. You don’t … Continue reading Survivor: Rhetorical Appeals Edition (activity!)