10 Websites Looking for Freelance Writers Right Now

Whether you’re hunting down part-time work between classes, or searching for clients to add to your freelance portfolio, there are companies and websites out there looking for freelance writers right now. You just need to know where to look! Lucky for you, I’ve done some of that work for you.

  1. LoveToKnow.com

LoveToKnow.com is currently seeking “expert topic writers.” You must have some sort of specialty, as writers are assigned to specific topics. Writers must also meet several requirements before being considered, which includes at least one year of verifiable, professional writing experience. You can expect to earn between $25 and $60 per article. You can check out their opportunities here.

  1. Scripted.com

Scripted.com is looking for freelance writers to work with businesses. According to their website, you’d “pitch directly to customers” and “build relationships with customers through phone calls and in-app messaging.” Scripted boasts guaranteed payments, flexible schedules, and the ability to write for any industry from anywhere. With this platform, you will set your own prices. Take a look at their opportunities here.

  1. AllFreelanceWriting.com

AllFreelanceWriting.com is strictly a job board. You don’t work for the company or the website. Instead, you apply to job postings for freelance writers based on the category or title you’re seeking. As a writer, you can even sort the postings based on the pay rate you are seeking. There are categories of pay which include “low pay” between $25 and $50 and “pro rate” between $100 and $250. To see the board for yourself, click here.

  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk allows you to work according to your skill set. There is a sort of “marketplace” of opportunities for you to complete. If you’re skilled in more than just writing, you can also work on data processing projects, information gathering gigs, and more. Click here for more information about MTurk.

  1. Morning Coffee Newsletter

FreelanceWriting.com this electronic newsletter which features freelance writing jobs. You get jobs delivered directly to your inbox every day. You do need to subscribe in order to cash in on the opportunities they have to offer. I can verify that they do not sell your email address, and they never spam you. Click here to subscribe to the Morning Coffee Newsletter.

  1. CollegeHumor.com

Just as the URL says, it’s about humor. Are you funny? This might be a place for your work. They’re looking for articles and pictures. I’d recommend doing your research first to make sure you can offer what they are looking for. According to their website, for a single page article, they’ll pay you $35. If the article is multiple pages, they’ll pay you $50. Click here for their submission guidelines.

  1. BabyFit by SparkPeople.com

SparkPeople.com is looking for freelance writers to write about nutrition, fitness, pregnancy, and postpartum topics. According to their website, articles should be “helpful, encouraging, entertaining, and relatable.” Writers can expect to earn between $25 and $90 per article. Take a look here for more information about their content opportunities.

  1. Constant Content

Constant-Content.com allows freelance writers to apply for projects. As a writer, you can connect with top-brands, build relationships, set your own hours, grow a portfolio, and showcase your writing skills. According to their website, you will also be able to establish your own workload and set your own price. You’ll find projects that match what you want to work on; completely based on your “expertise and interests.” Apply to write with Constant Content here.

Bonus: I cannot recommend job sites like Fiverr, etc. Unless you’re just starting out and need to build a portfolio, don’t settle for too little in return for your time. Hell, even if you are new to the game, you deserve more than $5 for ghostwriting blog articles, or whatever it is you are doing. You’re a professional. If you don’t take yourself seriously and charge what you are worth, others will not take you seriously, either. Just something to think about.

Don’t stop at this list. There are a ridiculous amount of job boards, websites, and companies looking for freelance writers just like you. Most even accept writers who are just starting out.

One more piece of advice: don’t quit! Keep your head in the game, have patience, and the jobs will come. Just keep getting out there and build your portfolio.