Survivor: Rhetorical Appeals Edition (activity!)

Rhetorical Appeals Edition

Directions: Follow each step in order!!

  1. You were on a cruise. Your ship sank and the people in your group were the survivors. You swim to land and realize there are no people other than the members of your group anywhere.
    1. Out in the ocean, you see three boxes. You don’t have time to save all of them, so you have to choose one.
    2. While on the island, you already found: nine feet of fishing line, two fishing hooks, a knife, and ½ a box of matches.
·         One blanket

·         One roll of toilet paper

·         Two cans of tuna

·         One iPod

·         One extra-large can of black beans

·         One gallon jug of water

·         One tube of sunscreen

·         Three granola bars

·         One sauce pan


  1. On your own paper (independently), write a proposal to your tablemates about which box to save. Your proposal will have nine (9) sentences.
    1. Ethos: 3 sentences
      1. How will this box be “right” for the group to choose?
    2. Logos: 3 sentences
      1. What facts do you have that will help the group stay alive if they pick your box?
    3. Pathos: 3 sentences
      1. How will this box make the group happy?
    4. Present your argument to your group. Your group may only choose ONE argument/box to take into the next round of Survivor.
    5. When every group is down to one box and one argument, present your argument to the class. The group with the surviving argument is the winner and ultimate argumentative survivor!


Who will out ethos, out logos, and out pathos?


We will find out!

rhetorical-appeals-survivor (Word, editable)

Also available here:


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