Annotating & Commentary Activity

Editable, fluid lesson plan and attachments! Make the lesson work for your students.


Today we will learn about annotating texts for purpose…

so that we can apply the reading strategy anytime a text is placed in front of us!

1. Discuss what annotation is.

2. Discuss why we annotate texts.

3. Complete Annotation Bookmarks.

  • Refer to this post for bookmarks.

4. “The House” model activity (we do).

  • Note: I printed this story, and the article, out and glued it a large piece of butcher paper so that students could see it from each desk in the group of four. Students will need extra space (hence, the butcher paper) to annotate and make margin notes.

5. Fatigue article group activity (you do).

  • Purpose #1 (assessment)
  • Purpose #2 (assessment)


Annotating a Text PowerPoint (editable)

The House (Short Story)

Article for Annotation Activity

Let me know how it works for you!


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