Interactive Vocabulary Center Idea (elementary)

I recently completed this [partial] interactive center as an idea for a professional development course. I hope it works out for someone! I am going to apply this to my secondary coursework as a review for literary terms and academic vocabulary for semester two.

Use it, lose it, tweak it… 😀

There is also an extra vocabulary 3-2-1 worksheet below!

Interactive Vocabulary Center

Activity Center: Dictionary Dig

Grade Level: First

Vocabulary: Feelings and Emotions (high-utility words)

  • alone
  • bashful
  • cranky
  • drowsy
  • lively
  • upset
  • timid
  • honest
  • grateful
  • rough
  • selfish
  • sob


  • Students will identify the meaning of words and related information using a dictionary.


  • Student Worksheet (see below)
  • Dictionary

Simple Step-By-Step Instructional Sequence:

  1. Students will be given a list of target words for vocabulary.
  2. Students will read the words on the student sheet.
  3. Students will look up the words in the dictionary.
  4. Students will record the meaning.
  5. Students will also record the whether the word is a noun, adjective, etc. as well as how to sound-out the word, synonyms, and antonyms.
  6. Students will draw a picture of what the word looks like.
  7. Students will use the word in an appropriate sentence.
  8. Teacher will review the center activity completed by students and follow-up with remediation where needed.

Hope someone can use it!

Vocab Center Worksheet

Vocab Worksheet