Turning it in…


We are now using TurnItIn to turn in your typed papers! Trust me, this is so much more awesome than turning it in via Edsby, or email.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Visit https://www.turnitin.com. Choose to create a new account.
  2. On the next page, go to the bottom and create a new account as a “student.”
  3. Fill out the information as requested. See below for your classroom ID and password. BE SURE TO SIGN UP FOR THE CORRECT CLASS!!!
    1. 1st ENG III H:
      1. Class ID: 9017346
      2. Password: mslowerocks
    2. 2nd ENG III H:
      1. Class ID: 9017352
      2. Password: mslowerocks
    3. 3rd ENG III R:
      1. Class ID: 9017358
      2. Password: mslowerocks
    4. 5th NEWSPAPER:
      1. Class ID: 9017365
      2. Password: mslowerocks
    5. 6th ENG III R:
      1. Class ID: 9017379
      2. Password: mslowerocks
    6. 8th ENG III H:
      1. Class ID: 9017386
      2. Password: mslowerocks
    7. Yay! Your account has been created. This is how you will now turn in papers. J


Ms. Lowe