Basic Script Formatting – Unit 2 EA1 – Example Script

Just in case you want to know what a script looks like– and you haven’t already Googled how to write one– below is a script I put together really quick here the other morning.

This is the most basic format I’m looking for when it comes to your group’s Embedded Assessment #1 for Unit 2.


Title: Case of the Missing Phone

Written By: Ms. Lowe

Characters: Ms. Lowe, Beauregard (her dog), Belvedere (her other dog), Betty (her phone), Siri (Betty’s assistant)

Act One

Scene One

Fade In

It was a dark night in Mango, Florida. The streetlamp over Ms. Lowe’s home was out, again. Ms. Lowe pulls into her driveway, steps out, looks around, and shuts the door. She proceeds to take her keys from her pocket and open the front doors. As she walks through the living room to the kitchen to put down her bags, she notices her phone is not in her pocket.

Ms. Lowe: In shock, beginning to sweat she yells out to no one in particular “Oh, no.. Where’s my freaking phone?”

Beauregard: Looks at Ms. Lowe likes she’s lost her mind, then goes back to wrestling with Belvedere on the couch.

Ms. Lowe: In a state of panic, frantically searches all of her pockets and bags for her phone. “Where in the world could it be? GRRRRRR!” She continues to search around the living room and kitchen desperately.

Cut scene to outside.

Betty: Sitting idly in the van’s driver seat waiting for Ms. Lowe to remember that she fell out of her pocket. “I’m out here, dork. Come get me. It’s dark!”

Ms. Lowe: Opens front door and screen door and begins to search around the yard, driveway, and road in a mad rush. “Betty! Where are you?! I’m coming for you!” she screams. Neighborhood lights start to come on.

Betty: Still sitting idly in the van’s driver seat waiting for Ms. Lowe to remember that she fell out of her pocket while she was driving. “Man, I wish someone would call. Siri, wake up and make some noise.”

Siri: In a manly robotic tone, “I’m sorry. I did not understand your request. Would you like to try again?”

Betty: Getting angry with Siri “You worthless fool. Make some noise, or light up or something. Ms. Lowe needs to find me and get me inside. It’s too dark out here and you’re driving me nuts.”

Ms. Lowe: Stops and listens for some noise coming from the van. “Is that you, Betty?”

Ms. Lowe opens the driver’s side door and finds Betty and Siri arguing. She quickly shuts them both down, stuffs Betty in her pocket, and walks triumphantly back inside the house. She locks the doors behind her.

Fade Out


Ms. Lowe: takes a bow. “Thank you! Thank you! They love me. They really love me!”

jk. hehe


–Ms. Lowe