Feedback is appreciated

On the Rate Your English Teacher! Survey, I’m noticing a lot of negativity towards the curriculum (Spring Board). I’ve heard things from “it’s mindless,” to “it’s too repetitive,” etc.

I seriously appreciate your feedback and will do the best I can do with what we have. I’ll try to adjust the prompts, as I can. But, here’s the positive side…. We’re out of Unit 1 (American Dream) as soon as we finish these essays! We are going to be getting into the Power of Persuasion, which I have a lot of wiggle room with. You’ll be creating a dramatic scene (like from a play), and we’ll start analyzing movies versus the book versions of stories, etc. I’ll explain more on Tuesday!

I absolutely love that you guys feel free and comfortable enough with me to provide feedback. Seriously. That means a lot to me. Please keep this up!

Also, I’m going to start grading a little harsher and make your writing a little more challenging so that you can grow as writers. You’ve gotten the foundation, now lets begin the building! Your reading will begin to get a little more difficult, as well.

There will be less and less opportunities for bonus points this 9 weeks and moving forward. So, you may want to try and work a little harder. You know who you are!

I can’t wait to share the rest of this year with you all.