Argumentative Essay & Topics (Tuesday & Wednesday)

Your assignment is to write an argumentative essay. Below you will find the list of topics you all came up with throughout the day. Follow the rubric and outline. That is your best shot at getting the best grade! Don’t forget: We have all periods tomorrow to work on this. We will also work on the essay on Wednesday. This essay does not have to be typed. However, if you do not finish on Tuesday or Wednesday during class, you will need to complete it at home and get it to me via email or Edsby.

This essay is due no later than Wednesday at 11:59PM. I mean it! 🙂


  1. Marijuana (Amendment 2)
  2. Pro-Life / Pro-Choice
  3. Android vs. iPhone
  4. Cats vs. Dogs
  5. Parents Fighting & Divorce
  6. Tardiness
  7. Animal Abuse
  8. Brands vs. Brands
  9. Sexism
  10. Racism
  11. Healthy Foods vs. Fast Foods
  12. Gay Marriage
  13. Music Genre vs. Music Genre
  14. Recycling & Pollution
  15. Animal Testing
  16. Democracy vs. Communism
  17. Death Penalty
  18. Zoos: Good or Bad?
  19. Books vs. Tablets
  20. Phones in Schools
  21. Length of Sports Practices
  22. GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in Food
  23. Teacher’s Pay
  24. Sex Ed in School
  25. Maintaining Fields for School Sports
  26. Private School vs. Public School
  27. iPhone vs. Galaxy
  28. Uniforms: Yes or No?
  29. Discrimination
  30. Fan Wars
  31. Aliens
  32. BYOD
  33. Choice of Assisted Suicide
  34. Genetic Modification of Babies Before Birth
  35. Conspiracy Theories
  36. Religion
  37. Standardized Testing
  38. Greed
  39. Prisoners and Labor Work: For or Against?
  40. Filtered or Unfiltered Water
  41. Diet Soda vs. Regular Soda
  42. Global Warming
  43. Band vs. Orchestra
  44. Diploma vs. GED
  45. S. Involvement in Foreign Affairs
  46. Cloning
  47. Artificial Intelligence
  48. Technological Advances
  49. Gays in the Military
  50. Same Opportunities for all Social & Economic Classes
  51. PS vs XBOX
  52. Effects of Television
  53. Effects of Social Media
  54. Sexuality (Orientation)
  55. Length of School
  56. School Start Times
  57. Corporations vs. Ma/Pop Shops (LOCAL)
  58. Class Choice Based on Career Choice in High School
  59. Disney vs Universal
  60. Coffee vs Tea
  61. Left Twix vs Right Twix
  62. Pepsi vs Coke
  63. Book vs Movie
  64. Glasses vs Contacts
  65. Dress Code
  66. Omnivores vs Herbivores
  67. School Punishments
  68. Raw Food Movement
  69. Government vs People
  70. Immigration
  71. Community College vs. University
  72. Midwife vs OBGYN
  73. Darwinism
  74. Drug Testing at School
  75. Dropping Out of School
  76. Self-Image & Pressure
  77. Curfews
  78. Competition in Academics
  79. College Tuition Rates
  80. True Beauty
  81. Human Trafficking
  82. Paying for Music
  83. Unemployment Rates
  84. Homelessness
  85. War: Good or Bad?
  86. Hunting: Good or Bad?

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can always feel free and comfortable to reach out to me! Don’t forget… Impress me!

–Ms. Lowe