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Heads up for what is to come today, Friday, and over the weekend. This EA1 and Reflection will be due NO LATER THAN Tuesday, October 7, 2014. It must be typed. I do not care what font, font color, or font size you use (try to keep it between 9 and 12 pt font, though). Get it to me via paper in class on Tuesday, Edsby on or before Tuesday, or email on or before Tuesday. You will be taking your books home on Friday. If you choose not to take your book home, remember that there is a UNIT 1 PDF file for your viewing in the “Library” section on Edsby.

Definition Essay & RubricSpringBoard pgs. 51-52

Your assignment is to write a multi-paragraph essay that defines your interpretation of what it means to be an American. This essay should use the strategies of definition and different perspectives from the unit to help you develop a complex and thoughtful definition. If possible, incorporate an iconic image into your essay.

Planning and Prewriting (in class on Thursday)

Drafting (in class on Friday)

Evaluating and Revising (at home)

•Does your essay have coherence–does it present ideas that tie together and flow smoothly, making the essay easy to follow for the reader?
•Does your essay have specific, varied diction and a variety of sentence patterns?
•Where can you add or revise transitions so that one idea smoothly leads to another?
•How can you use the Scoring Guide (pg. 52) as a tool to evaluate your draft or to see out feedback from others?

Editing and Publishing (at home)

•How will you check your writing for grammatical and technical accuracy?
•What sort of outside resources can help you to check your draft (e.g. format guide, dictionary, etc.)?
•What is an effective way to use a final read-through of your essay to make final adjustments (e.g. read out loud, or have someone read it to you, get parents, siblings, and/or friends involved)?

Reflection (at home, due with essay on separate paper)

After completing this Embedded Assessment, think about how you went about accomplishing this assignment, and respond to the following questions. This prompt only needs to be about a paragraph of thoughtful commentary. Again, this must be typed.
•In what ways did the process of defining what it means to be an American cause you to rethink or reevaluate your own ideas?
•Did the material that you read in this unit have a role in this? Why or why not?

REMEMBER: No Definition Essays or Reflections will be accepted after Tuesday, October 7, 2014. Online submissions are accepted on, or prior to, the deadline for this assignment! Embedded Assessments are considered a “test of your skills” and will be worth a total of 50 points each towards your grade.