Reasearching notes for Iconic Images

Researching Iconic Images notes are below just in case you didn’t get them in class. Tomorrow we will be in RM 181 for research all day! Friday there will be an essay regarding your research and chosen iconic image!

Researching Iconic American Images

1.Keep in mind the three elements of significant images:

a.The image is widely recognized as a representative of a significant historical event.
b.The image evokes strong emotional response.
c.The image has been reproduced across a range of media, genres, or topics.

2.Select a Topic

3.Research Your Image:

a.What is your image?
b.Where did you find your image?
c.Who created your image?
d.When was your image created?
e.Why is your image considered iconic?

4.Writing Prompt:

a.Compose an essay explaining the iconic image you researched and why you chose it. Your essay should provide some background information and illustrate or explain how your image is iconic, using the three elements of an iconic image (as seen above) as guidelines for your thinking. Be sure to:

i.Introduce your image with a thesis that provides a clear purpose for your explanation.
ii.Provide background information that demonstrates that this topic is historically significant.
iii.Cite your sources using the APA format (look this up on Purdue OWL).