Editing Services

Have you ever sent out an email only to find that you made a cringe-worthy mistake in spelling or grammar? Ever read through your dissertation only to find you’re not sure about your style or syntax? Hire me as your editor and I’ll make sure it never happens again.

My main objective in any situation is to provide the skill, action, and knowledge to ensure goals for an individual, or organization, are met and consistently exceeded. My passions lie within the realm of research and editing; ensuring all those I support are successful in their own endeavors. I specialize in academic editing services.

Here’s what I can do for you:

  • Review
  • Proofread
  • Edit
  • Research
  • Revise

Do not limit yourself to proofreading emails or essays alone. I can work on any document which may be audience-facing (PowerPoint, survey questions, Excel files, etc.).

Think of hiring an editor or proofreader as an investment in your company or your education, not an additional expense. With me, you get precision, speed, and clarity.


Great work in a good manner of communication. Very motivated and skillful person. – UpWork Client in Shanghai

Very quick! I received my thesis within 48 hours. Well worth it. – Jacque S. of University of South Florida


While I cannot guarantee that your text will increase your sales, or become the next best-selling novel, I can promise a re-edit should your copy be rejected for issues concerning the English language.

File Types

I work with PDF and Microsoft Word files when I proofread and edit. For legal transcription, the annotations are completed directly on the PDF. I will also return annotations and corrections as PDFs. For all other documents, I use Microsoft Word so that I may track the changes while proofreading and editing.

If you do send a different file type, that is fine. I have Macintosh Pages, etc. and can easily convert the file to a PDF for editing and annotating the document.


I provide the following:

  • Legal transcription proofreading via PDF (standard 25 lines/page)
    • Standard: $.25/page (48-72 hour delivery)
    • Expedited: $.45/page (24-48 hour delivery)
    • 24-Hour: $.65/page
  • Proofreading: spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word usage corrections
    • 50 – 7500 words within 24 hours: $.04/word
    • 1000 – 15000 words within 48 hours: $.03/word
    • 3000 – 30000 words within 72 hours: $.02/word
    • 5000 + words within 7 days: $.01/word
  • Basic editing with proofreading (~8 pages per hour) for $20/hr
    • Above, plus: improve style and flow of paper
  • Heavy editing with proofreading (~4 pages per hour) for $25/hr
    • Above, plus: research, rewrite, and/or explanation of areas needed to improve copy with an explanation as to why changes might be necessary (also known as developmental editing)
  • Thesis/Dissertation editing and proofreading (~5 pages per hour) for $15/hr
    • All of the above, as a special discount for graduate students
  • Expedited delivery is available upon request for an additional fee

All requests include weekends and holidays with no extra fee! I’m open all week. You won’t find this with many independent editors!


Are you ready to get to work? I am! I look forward to the occasion in which I am able to discuss further how I can be a long-term asset to you or your team.

Email me at ashley@atkinsonediting.com.


Is there a minimum for a work order?

  • Yes. There is a minimum of a 30-minute work period at $10 for that half hour. This is true for any project.

How do you monitor the time you spend on each contract?

  • I use Caato Time Tracker on my desktop as I work. I am able to pause the timer when I take a break for whatever reason, then restart when I get back to the document. I am also able to send you a screenshot of the time I spend on your assignment, and will do this as an attachment on the invoice (if requested).

How do I know what you’ve changed or marked?

  • I use Microsoft’s Track Changes feature on Word documents. If the document is a PDF, I will write on it in “red ink” as though it were a piece of paper. I will send you the document with the edits/marks for review.